Randy Kearse was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for various drug crimes.

He started his prison sentence emotionally, financially and spiritually bankrupt, he went to prison at his worst.

Rising from the ashes of poor choices, unhealthy thinking and a destructive lifestyle, 14 years later

Randy stepped out of prison at his best.

Whether teaching At Risk Youth or Formerly Incarcerated how to identify transferable skills from street smarts and incorporate those skills into entrepreneurship or speaking to the business community about how to become the ultimate sales machine, Randy's passion is to help people achieve success.

Overcoming adversity, The Challenge to Change, Leadership, ReInventing Oneself, Successful Prison Reentry, Entrepreneurship are just some of the topics Randy travel the country speaking about.

"I spent over thirty years of my life incarcerated in one shape, form or fashion," Randy says.

10+ years mentally Incarcerated

15+ years physically incarcerated

10 years incarcerated on paper

"Now I'm showing people how to break free of whatever prison cell they find themselves in."

"Randy Kearse's blueprint for successful prison reentry is providing individuals with the confidence, tools and resources they can use to stay of out prison. His personal transitional journey is an inspiring one." -- Susan Jacbob, CEO Blu Zahn

Randy is an inspiration to disenfranchised people from all walks of life, he is proving that success is attainable after incarceration. -- JM Benjamin, Author

"It's not how much time I did, it's what I did with the time."