Changin’ Your Game Plan

Changin’ Your Game Plan is Randy Kearse’s signature Keynote presentation, based on his hugely successful book Changin’ Your Game Plan: How to use incarceration as a stepping stone for SUCCESS. Randy takes you on a journey, a journey a change.  From his stable childhood and upbringing to the life he led as one of Brooklyn’s notorious drug dealers. He shares how his ability to let the consequences of the bad choices he’s made and the lessons he’s learned from them, shape and mold him to become the person he is today.

This Powerful presentation examines the impact of the urban street mentality/culture on the lives, choices, and futures of young people in urban and suburban communities. By taking you on a journey of his own hard earned experiences he will have you re-examining your own life whether you’ve been incarcerated or not. Many people who have read Mr. Kearse’s book or have heard him speak have drawn many parallels to their own lives when he speaks about his.

Through music, literature, and media, young people in particular are overwhelmed when it comes to making positive decisions. In a culture where education is shunned and the prospect of going to prison is embraced, Kearse has faced, fell victim to and overcome many of the same negative challenges facing our youth today. Because of his first hand experiences he brings bring a truth to young people that is inescapable.

Not soley about physical incarceration, Kearse’s presentation delves deeply in Mental Incarceration, Emotional Incarceration and Spiritual Incarceration and how they all separately or collectively play a role in keeping people from living their full potential in life.

“Guys used to say to me all the time (in prison and out), ‘The Streets is all I know” and I used to say, if the streets is all you know and it leads you here (in prison), don’t you think it’s time to learn something different?”

Purpose of this thought provoking presentation is to help change a mindset which is destroying the full potential of those who are exposed to, have bought into or trying to escape the street life. Kearse breaksdown the false morals, values and principles which people live by, die by and are sent to prison because of when they live the street life. He examines and then rip to shreds every facet of street life; drugs, violence, prison, crime, gangs, etc. He discusses how peer pressure can and should be dealt with. He encourages leadership and positive thinking. Building goals and working to achieve them.